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Monthly Archives: December 2008

We’re back in Minneapolis, MN, after a ridiculous summer/fall, leading adventure tours around the United States for international travelers–road-tripping with foreigners essentially. I consider myself so very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to be paid to travel around my own country, much less see so much of it in a whirlwind few months. Those of you who have heard some stories know that although I am motivated by quite a lot of things, there are few things that get me more fired up than traveling and exploring new places. Now I sometimes  wonder why I am braving the cold when I could have stayed somewhere warmer until I leave for the Southern Hemispere…

Oh, I know why. My heart and home are here, and there is nothing like my friends to keep me grounded in this transition. Been working a little and volunteering a lot, trying to arrange my head into working order for March 1st, my official start date. The retired lifestyle, while it suits me to do what I want, have time to volunteer, have coffee with my friends, work on learning  a new language, and do a lot of crosswords, I am itching to work on something “real.” Yes, patience IS a virtue, but I never said I was virtuous.

The organization sponsoring me is The Sequoia Foundation, an organization that seeks to “expand the path of millions of children toward a more dignified future.” It looks like a lot of their educational goals are right in line with what I am interested in, like early language education and exposure, education through the arts, etc. The woman that is my contact said that it is what I wrote about the arts as a teaching tool and cultural bridge that inspired her to select me, that my philosophies would fit very well with Sequoia’s mission and what they hope to do.  (Check out the link for more info on SF). I am incredibly excited to be working with this organization, and to be helping them in their beginning stages to build strong programs at their sites. I can start to picture what it is that I’ll be doing, which is a great break from this killer crossword. Really, who even knows what “dentists call  it calculus” is suppose to mean (6 letters..). More thinking to do. Cheers.